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Professionalism Matters

It is not just the experience, but the quality of experience takes you to the horizons where a few can go. Quality can never be achieved without professionalism. If you are sincere to yourself, then be faithful in your job. The way you work becomes your character.
Operations Manager
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we specialise in

we have managed hundreds of employees for following industries

Packaging is an integral part of the logistics industry, requiring detailed accuracy and seamless processing Connexion Employment Services will ensure your company is connected with the right person for the task at hand. Contact us to connect you with the employees best qualified to fill the following positions:
Picking & Packing
Tag & Label
Return Processing
Sorting & Repacking

Warehousing and logistics is a specialized industry requiring organization and adherence to many important safety standards. Connexion Employment Services will provide you with employment solutions for all your warehousing needs. We can secure the right employee for any of the following positions:
Material Handling
Shipping & Receiving
Forklift Operators (Counter balance, Raymond reach, walkie, order picker)
Inventory Control
Janitorial & Maintenance
Supervisors & Managers
All Warehouse Positions

Employees in the production and manufacturing industry require specific focus and distinct skill sets. Connexion Employment Services will align your company with the right worker for the right job. We actively recruit and screen candidates for a variety of manufacturing positions, including:
Quality Assurance
Machine Attendants
CNC Operators
Machine Setup
CAD & Programmers, Welders (MIG, TIG, ARC)

Connection Employment Services helps you develop or add to your team by connecting you with the skilled workers required to properly staff your construction project. We will connect you with the contractors and labourers you need to complete your project on time and within budget:
Construction Labourers
Construction Helpers

Office Work
Connexion Employment Services can provide staffing solutions for all your office and administrative needs. We ensure that staff is trained to meet your company’s requirements and will transition smoothly into your office environment in any of the following areas:
Accounts & Administration
Clerical & Office Reception
Call Centre

making your staffing experience

efficient and effective

Our professional recruiters br utilize an extensive networking system to quickly identify
the right candidates for hire, making your staffing experience as efficient and effective as possible.


Connexion Employment Services is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in industrial and warehouse positions throughout GTA and its neighbouring communities. We provide services from small industries to large organizations. We have been serving various industries for many years and as a result of our hard work our commitment to you will be solid. In the past years our growth has been phenomenal.

Connexion Employment Services bridges the gap between employers and employees. Our professionals specialize in identifying Right People for the Right Job. We work in conjunction with all of our clients to understand their specific employment requirements. In turn we will therefore procure the best candidates available. Leveraging on the vast industry experience and network, we are well positioned to meet all staffing needs within the shortest time frame. Our agency is available 24/7 365 days a year!

Our highly qualified and motivated team is committed to providing the best possible service at the best possible rates.

We serve our community in two important ways:
1) By helping qualified people find jobs in the companies that need them most
2) By assisting businesses in finding solutions to the human resource services they require.

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